How To Get Free Premium Accounts For Netflix

How To Get Free Premium Accounts For Netflix:

As OTT platforms play a vital role in the entertainment industry, people prefer to purchase and use free Netflix accounts generator and other OTT platforms for watching movies and series. But people who prefer to use these platforms may have issues in purchasing these products because of the pricing. But if you’re looking for free Netflix and Other OTT accounts, then continue reading this article till the end.

Netflix Free Accounts

All OTT platforms especially Netflix started in the form of DVD services provided on a subscription basis. So soon, they started uploading digital content, which can be seen on the Netflix platform. Netflix develops this content and streams video and audio content free from advertisements to make the platform popular. But today, millions of people prefer to have a free Netflix account to watch some famous series and movies as well.

Netflix is an American-based company that telecasts a wide range of video and audio content to entertain people. It has various subscription plans, and people can choose the preferred plan to enjoy the content posted on the Netflix app. People who cannot purchase the Netflix account can follow the below-mentioned procedure to get a free premium Netflix account.

There are many ways to get a Netflix free account, and some of them are:

  • Netflix premium accounts for free through giveaways.
  • Netflix accounts for free through trial packs.
  • Free Netflix account by visiting a site daily.
  • Netflix premium account for free using cookies
  • Free Netflix account by sharing it with friends.

Netflix premium accounts for free through giveaways:

It is a simple process to get a Netflix account through giveaways because it just needs some research and patience. First, you may pay using a lot of digital platforms and other accounts. During this, people can find some coupon codes or Netflix monthly subscriptions, so using this, people can get a monthly subscription of Netflix minimum. People can also see some login credentials in many top websites, and using that, anyone can get more subscriptions. This is one of the simplest ways for having a Netflix premium account for free.

Netflix account for free through trial packs:

Utilizing this trial pack is not a big deal; people should just log in using the credentials, and Netflix will show you the available plans so that people who wish to purchase can also purchase using this option. Other than this option, people can also see the trial pack button, so by clicking this, people can enter the credit card details and use Netflix’s free trial pack for one month.


Follow the steps to activate a trial pack.

Step1: Download Netflix on your laptop, pc, or your smartphone.

Step2: Click the activate trial version toggle

Step3: Click on add credit or debit card and choose the preferred plan

Step4: Add the phone number and device name in which you wish to watch Netflix.

Step5: Add member name, and your trial version is now ready.

Free Netflix account by visiting a site daily:

Some websites offer a wide range of login credentials and cookies for users who visit their site daily. To activate a Netflix account using those login credentials, people have to follow the site regularly. Anyone can just enter the email address and password to use the premium Netflix account for free for logging in using the credentials. For activating an account using Netflix cookies, people can just follow the steps and download the cookies application and click on the import button to use the account for free.

Free Netflix account by sharing it with friends:

This is also a simple method for using a Netflix account for free. But sometimes, you will be in a situation of sharing half the amount. This can be done by asking in your friend’s circle, and by asking people will just share the login credentials. Sometimes your friends may demand or request you to pay half the amount anyhow; you will pay the amount better than spending the whole amount.


Above mentioned points for getting a Netflix account will help users get a premium account, but some other steps can also help people get a Netflix account. If still, you’re confused about how to get a free Netflix account and password! Then, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Visiting some alternative sites will help users to get a premium account:

Popcorn time:

This is a free site that is available in 44 languages. This is a BitTorrent supported system for an enhanced experience and simple interface system. It is one of the best alternative systems for most OTT platforms as it is provided for free with the experience of watching a normal platform that is purchased. It is designed to pirate many OTT platforms, mainly for Netflix and Hulu. Similar to all the online streaming sites, and does not have any change. Anyone can use this site and use the premium feature of Netflix without having a username or password.

Xfinity Tv Go:

It offers a wide range of TV shows and series, which are available on OTT platforms. This makes it a reliable application for people who prefer to view the content available only in premium versions. Users can just visit the site and download the preferred content according to the need. Another important advantage of using this site is that people can avoid data loss as online streaming costs more data than downloading the content.


It can also be called the powerful search engine used to stream more than 2000 plus TV, which contains 10000 plus episodes. People can download the content by visiting the official website. In addition, it acts as a free Netflix account generator so people can use all the features of a premium account.

Final words:

In this article, we have seen many methods for activating a premium account for free people can use these methods and watch the preferred tv shows for free. I hope this article is informative! Thank you for reading this article.

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