All that you want to know about National Sons Day


We all know that national daughter’s day is celebrated sometime in September and since it is a popular one, people do not fail to commemorate it with great pleasure! However, with a growing emphasis on feminism and sexism, there is now greater awareness about National Son day too!

Yes, that’s right! For those of you who do not know it, national son day is celebrated around the world and has gained immense popularity in the last few years! To know more about this event, scroll through and keep reading.

Why is national son day celebrated?

Unlike many of the events that have a cause behind them, son’s day is celebrated just to mark the importance of sons as an important family unit. There is no role of an important personality or their birthday in recognizing the day.

National Son Day

Sons day is also said to be celebrated to remind parents of the importance of raising their sons in an environment that is inclusive of all the stimuli that are important for them to learn. It acts as a constant yearly alarm for families to understand the importance of giving emphasis on the opinions of their sons, irrespective of the so-called gender norms and stereotypes that prevail in our society.

When is national son day 2020 USA?

So much about national sons day and its importance! Now, let us know when to wish our sons this year! Unlike other days, the date for sons day doesn’t keep changing every year. Instead, it is celebrated on September 28 each year.

Some National son day Activities for your son!

What can be a greater way of wishing your son than expressing your love by performing a few fun and amazing activities with him?  This way you’ll be able to spend some heart-touching time with him, one that he might be missing for so long!

So without any further ado, let us dive into some of the happening and eventful activity ideas that you can undertake this sons day with your special one:

  • Step out and spend some time on the ground. Play football, handball, baseball, or any other outdoor game that your son likes the most!
  • Be a chef. Step in the kitchen and cook your son’s favorite dish. You can invite him to make the activity even more enjoyable!
  • Pet his favorite animal. Go and buy a dog, cat, turtle, fish, or any other pet together. Not only would it be a great addition to your family, but it would also be a reminder for your son as your gift!
  • Go on a shopping spree. As a matter of fact, girls are not the only ones who enjoy shopping!
  • Choose site camping. Everyone loves camping. And the activity becomes even more interesting as and when someone you love joins you!
  • Give your son a tour of your workplace
  • Visit a community center as a volunteer. It is a great place to harbor new memories.
  • Take your son to that zoo or museum or adventure place or the water park that he has been longing to go to.
  • Plan out lunch with him
  • Take him to an ice cream parlor
  • Go to the tennis court
  • Plan an outing with his friends
  • Surprise him with his favorite stationery

Do national son and daughter day fall on the same day?

If you cannot remember separate days for your son and daughter, here is some good news for you! National sons and daughters day is celebrated on the same day every year, that is September 28.

While this date is recognized in the USA, in the UK, and other countries, August 11 is marked as national son and daughter day every year.

Now you know when your children should be wished according to the country you live in.

Gift Ideas for national son day

If you are thinking of gifting something to your young boy or grown-up man this son’s day, we have got you! Here is a list of some of the most amazing gift ideas for your son that can never go wrong!

A Journal

A journal is by far the best way to communicate to your son that you respect his privacy. Further,  leather journals can be a really exciting modification to this gift. Through this, you are telling your son that he can write all of his unexpressed thoughts and feelings without the fear of other people looking at them.

A Proud Son Mug

Tell your son that you are proud to be his father and to have him in your life by gifting him a mug that says “a proud son”. You can customize the mug according to your son’s color or pattern preferences to make it according to his liking.

A wallet

Gift your son a leather wallet and personalize it with a short message from you to him. This way he’ll think of you whenever he uses it.

If you are looking for something more, might as well put some cash in it and pass it through!


If your son enjoys reading books and novels or has been requesting a particular one for days, then you can buy him the book and see his face glow! Getting something you love from someone you love is the best gift ever.

A Collage

You can throw your creative skills into making a quirky photo frame collage for your son by using all the photos with the beautiful memories you have with your son. If done right, it makes the most elegant gift ever!


Sons have been thought to be extremely self-dependent and tough for centuries, but it is about time that we start recognizing their needs as an individual. It all starts by addressing and celebrating one day that is significant to the wonderful human beings that they have become!

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