How To Highly Compress Files To Very Small Size [100GB To 50KB]

How To Highly Compress Files

Storing large files in a system has been a hectic task for many people, especially system users with very little storage space. It can be a high-resolution photo, video, or something. Each file consumes high space on all the devices. But in today’s situation, laptops are provided with very little space, so accommodating all the files with their original space isn’t an easy task, so it is a must to think of an alternative idea.

How To Highly Compress Files

Using some portable devices like pen drives and hard disks will be a better idea in many places, but users will be in a situation of carrying all these portable devices to the places they prefer to go. But people might lose that storage device if they prefer to carry it to all the places they prefer to travel.

So accommodating all the important files in the system is the best way to carry all your data on laptops and even on mobile phones. Portability matters, and hence compressing file size is the only way to carry all the important files, even on your laptop. This may help users who have a laptop with very little storage as most of the official laptops are provided with very little storage. There are many compressing files, but we have mentioned some important tips for compressing files easily.

How To Compress Big Files Easily?

Compressing files on macOS and Windows isn’t hectic, but users must follow some basic steps to complete the process without any issues. Most people might find some difficulties in compressing big files, such as converting a 3 to 4 Gb file into a smaller size of 500 to 900 Mb. So if you find any difficulties in converting the size of these files, you can easily do that by using some applications or even through some software that is available in-app store or even in the play Store.

Compressing data has been a dream for many people, and now this has become a common thing for many system users. Storage space plays a vital role in the accounts department, and hence there will be a need for huge memory space in the systems they use. So to make the file compact, it is necessary to compress the file, and without compressing the file, people might find it difficult to store all the accounts-related files. It will be a bunch of files for several years, so accommodating these files in a permanent large-sized storage device might be hectic.

Moreover, if the CPU you use does not have the required specification, the device will find it difficult to run those files without an external force. So to make the running process smooth, compressing the file is mandatory. Users have already witnessed some changes in CPU performance because of the usage of compressed files in their system. Moreover, raw data in any format is a big headache for the processor to run the file properly. Users must treat their buddy systems with some patience and care. But users must also know some basic details while compressing the files. One of the important things that have to be noted is the quality of the file; if you prefer to compress any of the media files that you hold, then the system will automatically reduce the size and quality of that particular file.

But how is it possible? Because of the pixels, when you prefer to compress the file, it eventually reduces the pixels and makes it a lesser quality file. This scenario is only for the media files, but if you prefer to compress any of the documents or other office files, the newly compressed file will be stored with the same quality.

How To Highly Compress Files

Compressing critical files, especially highly compressing files, might be a hectic task for many people. Some inbuilt software might help people compress some mid-size files that we regularly use. Still, it will be a hectic task for people to use this inbuilt software for compressing large files, so in this situation, users can prefer having some external software to compress those large media files and even some documents.


It is one of the most popular zip file handlers available in today’s situation. Highly compressing files and cutting down the file size is possible by using a 7zip extractor. But people should first download the zip file in their system to extract the software from that zip file. If you prefer to install it, you can just install it like other software you regularly download in your windows system. After downloading the file successfully, you can easily find the software in your system, and this software will allow people to compress files easily. Users can select the preferred file and click on the compress button to complete the process without issues.


It is the second application on our list. People can easily download this by following the procedure mentioned above. Soon after launching this file, people can easily compress their files into WinRAR format. Compressing large files in windows has also been made easy by downloading this software. Other than compressing, this software has some unique features that can be used to cut, copy or even edit some of the media files present in the system. Users can even customize settings by clicking on the customize option in the software.

Final Words

Hence in this article, we have seen some important steps and applications for compressing medium and large-sized files. I hope this article has provided the required information for compressing files in various formats. Some software will allow users to compress files according to the need, and hence users can choose the preferred format and download the file accordingly. So any files can be compressed and formatted according to the need. Thank you for reading this article!

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