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Dil Se Dil Tak will start the tale with love and revenge in Parth and Teni’s life. Parth and Teni finally adjust their relationship where they are preparing to get mastermind. The forthcoming scene of Dil Se Dil Tak is going to feature Parth and Teni’s wedding track. It has been seen that the Bhanusali family reported Parth and Teni’s wedding. Bhansali family and everybody is excited about Parth and Teni’s wedding while the pre-wedding ceremonies have started.

Nonetheless, Parth has understood Teni’s sacrifice. He additionally acknowledges Teni’s affection and vows to start a new love story with Teni. The Sangeet custom will acquire happiness in Teni’s life as Teni is left confounded regarding the clothing to be worn in Ritual. Along these, Parth brings a lovely dress for Teni and gives her this special surprise amid rituals. Parth and Teni’s wedding ceremonies are started where presently they will star for Sangeet custom. However, the significant wind in the story is holding back make destruction in Parth and Teni’s life. Shorvori to return in Parth’s life. Shorvori has returned to the show with a wind to break Parth and Teni’s coalition. Shorvori is as of now hospitalized while here Parth and Teni’s sangeet ceremony has started. Shortly Shorvori will return, asserting great falsehood that Teni grabbed her better half Parth and deceived Shorvori. Now the question is, Will Teni bear this pain of great allegation? Or then again, Parth will support Teni rather than Shorvori?


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