Tenacious native American actress- Betty Gilpin

Elizabeth Folan Gilpin, also known as Betty Gilpin, is a tenacious and very hardworking Native American actress. From the time when both of her parents were actors, she developed an interest within the field much soon, and she even opted to study the theatre at Fordham University. However, while studying theatre at the University for the Absurd at college, she found herself being categorized as typecast after her graduation.

Betty Gilpin

Betty Gilpin Biography

Betty Gilpin age is 35 years (2021) which means was born on 21st July 1986. She was originally born and then brought up in New York City, New York, United States. She completed her schooling at The Loomis Chaffee School, and then she later went on for her graduation to Fordham University, where she opted for theatre. While she was studying theatre at Fordham University, she got mentored by Dianne Wiest.

Betty Gilpin is a very auspicious and privileged actress as not just much to struggle for an Entry in Hollywood as both of her parents were already in this industry as actors. Moreover, Betty Gilpin has a mentor at Fordham University, where she studied with the award-winning actress and was mentored by Dianne Weist.

After her graduation in 2008, Betty Gilpin volunteered to act as the guest character role and then the supporting character role in numerous TV series. Her first well-known film was in 2008 named “Ghost Town”.

Betty Gilpin married life

As of 2021, Betty Gilpin has yet been married to Cosmo Pfeil, an actor, and it has been five years since 2016. Betty Gilpin does not have any such Ex-boyfriends and also has not been seen as committed before her husband. Cosmo Pfeil is also an actor and even an assistant director. He fell and has been in a love relationship with Betty for around seven years before they officially married in 2016.

Betty Gilpin Career & her Success Story

Betty Gilpin initially started her journey or career in acting in 2006 for the cameo roles predominantly in the television series. Eventually, she has also been shot on the popularity of Betty Gilpin sexy comedian character, like Dr. Carrie Roman in the comedy-drama series Nurse Jackie.

This series has been telecasted in the industry for almost two years now (from 2013 to 2015). However, Betty Gilpin since then has been in an acting profession since 2008. A few of her most famous TV series include Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Fringe, Law & Order (Special Victims Units).

Betty Gilpin also had worked being a supporting actress in many varied TV series and movies, including her comedy series and also her thriller sarcasm movie with all her featuring characteristics for many empowered women. Hence, Betty Gilpin’s career graph has been steady to arise as a female lead and a superstar.


Her career got a breakthrough with her role being a Debbie in the Netflix, a comedy series- GLOW from 2017-present was highly praised, and thus, she has received many nominations for the Primetime Emmy Awards, as a Critics` Choice of Television Awards and also the Screen Actors Guild Awards for the same role.

She further starred in supporting roles for the films like Future `38, True Story in 2015, Take Care in 2014, and even Ghost Town in 2008. In 2019, she appeared in A Dog`s Journey and also Isn`t It Romantic. Also, her 2020 releases include many horror films like The Grudge. Even as her role got hit being her in an American thriller movie ‘The Hunt’, she had won the Critics’ choice award in the super award of 2020.


Though Betty Gilpin has not yet got caught in any such controversy. Betty Gilpin’s satirical thriller movie ‘The Hunt movie’ is one that had drawn many criticisms from American politicians, including Donald Trump, who was the current President of the United States at that time.

The main concern from their critics was that the Hunt movie mainly seems to have mocked up with the Red-state Americans, and the film was initially all about the kidnapping of people for sports where Betty Gilpin had to encounter the mysterious events for her shock and thus, finding her way out of the unveiling by resolving these things for that matter.

Consequently, there was a vehement in the media debate for the plot among critics that the release of “The Hunt” Movie has got many potential risks for triggering up the protests and therefore, causing Chaos in public places. However, with the COVID 19 pandemic striking in and with the closure of cinema theatres due to this reason, The Hunt Movie was abridged from their theatrical release and hence, streaming of the OTT platform on Amazon Prime.

Unknown Facts

  • Do you know the fact that Betty Gilpin had faced much opposition from her parents as for her acting career, even though they both were actors themselves!
  • Betty Gilpin’s parents had always wished her daughter to study academics rather than acting and choose any other profession.
  • Do you know Betty Gilpin and Cosmo Pfeil, her husband, played siblings roles in the movie- “The Northern Kingdom” in 2009! It was merely a chance, not a choice for her to act as his sister for that movie, and she also took up that role even without confidence.
  • Betty knows that she had always come along with her parents for her audition for any role and even to sign in for the agreement for any the movie, and she has even no clue about the meeting of her spouse loved Cosmo in that movie.


She was often offered the role of a `bimbo` or even called Betty Gilpin hot. She played several sides and characters in various TV shows, especially Law & Order: Criminal Intent (from 2006-2009), the Fringe in 2008, and Elementary in 2016. Betty even gained recognition letter through her role model as Dr. Carrie Roman playing in the medical drama as a Nurse Jackie, from 2013-2015.

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